Question: Why is he called FDR in This Means War?

Are you asking yourself why his name is FDR? You can be excused for guessing its short for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, but I have a better idea. This Means War was directed by a man whose entire and complete name is McG. Hes probably always wanted a name he didnt have to explain nine times a day.

Who does she choose in This Means War?

As in-flight entertainment — or at least in-flight distraction — goes, “This Means War” was fine. It was also entirely predictable, at least until an ending in which — SPOILER ALERT — Lauren chooses unreliable ladies man FDR over affectionate, responsible Tuck.

What happened at the end of This Means War?

Home video releases of the film contain three alternate endings. In the first alternate ending, Lauren is kidnapped and taken to a warehouse alongside FDR and Tuck, where she is forced to choose which one of them will be killed by the other. The ensuing action leads to the car chase featured at the end of the film.

What is difference between FD and FDR?

The interest rates of the FD varies with tenure and bank. An FDR contains the exact interest rate the bank is offering the customer for the tenure selected. The investment tenure and date of maturity is also mentioned in the FDR.

Where can you see This Means War?

Watch This Means War Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

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