Question: Which campus of U of T is best?

Which is the best campus in UOFT?

Mississauga Campus. Pursue top academic opportunities within an intimate, hands-on learning environment at the University of Toronto Mississauga. St. George (Downtown) Campus. Scarborough Campus.

Which is the main U of T campus?

St. George Campus St. George Campus (Downtown Toronto)

Does UOFT campus matter?

No matter which college you belong to, you will have access to all courses and programs offered in the Faculty of Arts & Science. You dont have to be a member of a particular college to access college-sponsored programs. College affiliation does not restrict academic choice.

What are the 7 colleges at U of T?

College IdentitiesInnis College.New College.St. Michaels College.University College.Trinity College.Victoria College.Woodsworth College.

What does U of T look for?

We look at a wide range of criteria including school grades, which subjects you take and how well you do in subjects relevant to the academic program you select. Depending on the program, non-academic information may be used to assess your application, and is considered as important as your academic qualifications.

What is the oldest college at UOFT?

Victoria College History: The oldest of the seven Colleges in the Faculty of Arts & Science, Victoria College (“Vic”) was established in 1836 and has a distinguished reputation for excellence and creativity.

What is the acceptance rate for university of Toronto?

43% After getting familiarized with the admission process of the university, lets now elaborate the acceptance rate of the University of Toronto. In comparison to other renowned Canadian universities, the University of Toronto acceptance rate is 43%.

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