Question: Where does the toilet connect?

Your toilet water joins wastewater from other parts of your house and those from other houses and it journeys into the sewer pipes that are below your community and are about 3 to 5 feet in size. This is the end of the journey in your house. The process generally relies on gravity to work.

What does toilet connect to?

A toilet has two main parts—the tank and the bowl. The bowl holds water and connects to the drain for disposing of waste water and waste. The tank, which sits up behind the bowl, contains reserve water for refilling the bowl plus the devices for flushing clean water into the bowl and refilling the tank.

How does a toilet connected to the floor?

How does the toilet attach to the floor? Toilets are attached to a metal or plastic collar known as a toilet floor flange. The flange itself is attached to the floor with screws. The flange leads to the soil stack, a large drain pipe designed to carry a large volume of liquid, etc.

Where is the overflow tube in a toilet?

flush valve A toilets overflow tube is part of its flush valve. The tube rises from the siphon hole in the bottom of the tank to within an inch or two from the top of the tank and allows excess water to drain into the bowl.

Do toilet augers work?

Youll need to look for another location to unclog the drain, such as a branch clean-out fitting (a job that calls for a drain snake), or call a plumber to tackle the job. But its very unlikely youll have to go to the next level. In the vast majority of cases, the toilet auger will do the trick.

What are toilet closet bolts?

The johni quick bolt is a unique bolting system for mounting toilets. Eliminates wobbly bolts and the need for double-nutting, flimsy wax, putty, or thin plastic washers. Fast; easy; and secure. Just push down on the gold-colored plastic washer (no need to screw on), and then turn to tighten.

How do you secure a toilet to the floor?

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What is the pipe behind the toilet called?

Tank: The back part of the toilet that holds the water used for flushing. It also houses the working toilet parts. Stop Valve: This controls the water supply to the toilet. Its usually located on the wall behind the toilet.

What is a toilet fill valve tube?

Check the Fill Tube Its a small flexible tube that runs from the fill valve to the toilet overflow tube. While the tank refills, this tube squirts enough water down the toilet overflow tube to refill the bowl after the completed flush.

Is an auger the same as a snake?

Drain snakes work for smaller drains like your kitchen or bathroom sink. Drain augers tackle larger pipes like your toilet or shower drain. The snake covers lines from 1-1/4″ – 2″ range, and youll use an auger for lines in the 1-1/2″ – 3″ range. When they do, its often from roots growing into the pipes.

Can a toilet auger be used on a sink?

Before you lose your wits and pour in a (usually ineffective) liquid drain cleaner, turn to the best drain-cleaning tool of all: the sink auger. Its inexpensive, easy to use, and requires no chemicals. Its just the thing for clearing clogs in sinks and bathtub drains.

Are toilets and sinks connected?

Bathroom Plumbing Depending on the configuration of the main plumbing pipes in a house, the sink drain may tie into the toilet waste pipe that extends from the toilet to the main soil stack. If the toilet is far enough from the stack, the sink drain may also be acting as a vent for the toilet.

How do you install toilet closet bolts?

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How do you install a toilet anchor bolt?

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Why does my toilet moves side to side?

If the flange is a little higher than the surrounding flooring, the toilet becomes raised slightly in the center, allowing it to rock to either side. This problem can develop over time, such as when the wax seal becomes faulty or when a surrounding floor settles a little.

How do you bolt down a toilet?

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Do toilets come with internal parts?

Most toilets are two piece, meaning that the bowl is bolted to the tank. If installation parts arent included, make sure you purchase all the toilet parts youll need: a toilet seat, a wax ring with a sleeve, closet bolts and bolt caps.

Where does the toilet overflow tube go?

The Overflow Tube empties directly into the toilet bowl. This water raises the water level in (refills) the bowl. If it werent for the Refill Tube there would be only a small amount of water in the bottom of the bowl. The Refill Tube must be located above the Overflow Tube.

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