Question: Who are the parents of Sanjeev Bhaskar?

Where did Sanjeev Bhaskar go to school?

University of Hertfordshire de Havilland Campus Sanjeev Bhaskar/Education

Who was Sanjeev in EastEnders?

Sanjay Kapoor (EastEnders)Sanjay KapoorPortrayed byDeepak VermaDuration1993–1998First appearanceEpisode 837 9 February 1993Last appearanceEpisode 1673 24 September 19987 more rows

Who was Sanjeev Bhaskar in EastEnders?

Unforgottens detective team, DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Kahn, played by Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar respectively, must pick through the clues and evidence to weave the story together and find out what Rams involvement is with the incident three decades ago that led to Walsh disappearing.

Did Sanjay cheat on Gita?

A furious Jerry confronts Sanjay, and he admits that the affair has been going on for months, at least 3 or 4 nights a week. A furious Gita then decides to leave Walford with Sharmilla, without telling Sanjay where she is going.

Did Sanjeev Bhaskar appear in EastEnders?

But despite his extensive acting CV, fans still often mistake Sanjeev for an EastEnders character - even though his Wikipedia page lists him as appearing in the soap.

Who is Geeta son?

Raja Kapoors son, Raja, is said to be a choreographer. Her daughter, Pooja, is an air hostess.

Why did Gita and Sanjay leave EastEnders?

Feeling embarrassed by her outburst, Gita decides she needed a break from Walford, so at the end of the year she leaves Sharmilla in Sanjays care and goes to stay with a relative. Months later, when she has run out of money, she returns to Albert Square and forces Sanjay out of their flat again.

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