Cosmetic Surgical Procedure: What is Facial Feminsation Surgery?

Written by Mr Brian Musgrove for Doctify
There have been significant advances in gender issues over the last twenty years and a movement towards acceptance that gender identity is not as straightforward as many of us once

Expert Advice: The Truth About Fibroids

Written by Ms Rhona Flemming for Doctify
Fibroids are benign (non-cancerous) growths within the uterine muscle. They are extremely common, with approximately 50% of women having fibroids in their lifetime, but most as small and symptomatic.

Some women remain concerned

Keep Your Head in the Game: What You Need to Know About ACL Injuries

An Interview with Professor Paul Lee for Doctify
ACL reconstruction is a common repair for athletes of all abilities. Surgeons are always upping their game when it comes to technique, meaning patients can keep getting the win!

Prof. Paul

Vaginal Soreness: What is Your Vagina Trying to Tell You?

Written by Miss Shree Datta for Doctify
As you get older you may see visible changes to your face, with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. While this is widely known and accepted, it is less commonly understood

Can Vitamin D Help Your Asthma?

Written by Dr Tuck-kay Loke for Doctify
Most of us know that vitamins are good for your health. However, recent evidence has suggested that supplementation of Vitamin D may, in fact, help patients who are regularly using corticosteroid therapy

Cochlear Implantation: Not Just For Those With No Hearing

Written by Professor Iain Bruce for Doctify
Conventional hearing aids just aren’t powerful enough anymore? Your child is not reaching speech, language & educational milestones despite wearing a powerful hearing aid? Powerful hearing aids help, but you’re exhausted at

All Ears: What You Need to Know About Pinnaplasty

Written by Professor Iain Bruce for Doctify
What is a Pinnaplasty?
Some people are born with prominent ears that cause them significant psychological distress and lower self-esteem.
Can you Describe the Procedure?
There are two main surgical techniques utilised for correcting

Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Written by Mr Ashu Gandhi for Doctify
Just reading the words breast cancer can cause anxiety for many women.

Yet, with continuous improvements in technology and treatment, we know more than ever before about beating cancer. Here Breast Surgeon, Mr

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A Complete Guide to Ultrasound Scans from a Radiologist

Written for Doctify by Dr Russell Young
Radiologist Dr Russell Young tells us everything you can expect from ultrasound scans.
What are the origins of ultrasound scanners?

The era of modern ultrasound advanced rapidly due to World

  • mri

A Complete Guide to MRI Scans from a Radiologist

Written for Doctify by Dr Russell Young
Radiologist Dr Russell Young tells us what you can expect when you go into the hospital for an MRI scan.
What are the origins of MRI scanners?

In 1937 nuclear