Keep Your Head in the Game: What You Need to Know About ACL Injuries

An Interview with Professor Paul Lee for Doctify
ACL reconstruction is a common repair for athletes of all abilities. Surgeons are always upping their game when it comes to technique, meaning patients can keep getting the win!

Prof. Paul

Reducing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Written by Mr Ashu Gandhi for Doctify
Just reading the words breast cancer can cause anxiety for many women.

Yet, with continuous improvements in technology and treatment, we know more than ever before about beating cancer. Here Breast Surgeon, Mr

  • sexual health

Keeping on top of your Sexual Health

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify

Do you only consider your sexual health when something appears wrong or when embarking on a new relationship?

It is so important to know your sexual health symptoms and be

  • cyclists

Essential Tips for Female Cyclists from a Gynaecologist

Written by Mrs Pradnya Pisal for Doctify

It is fantastic that cycling is on the increase with more women cycling to work, keeping fit or just taking the kids for a bike ride. However, the act of

  • joint replacement

Everything You Need to Know about Total Joint Replacement

Written by Dr Charles Rivière for Doctify

Joint replacements for hips and knees was successfully introduced in the 20th century. In order to prevent implant fixation failure and accelerated polyethylene wear, it was initially recommended (conventional technique)

Divorce Therapy: For When the End of Your Relationship Feels Like Living in a War Zone

Written by Mr Chris Macgovern for Doctify
For some reason, our society often puts the greatest pressure on us when we are at our most vulnerable. This is the case when relationships end. We have to be

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Everything You Need to Know Before Getting the Coil

Written by Miss Meg Wilson for Doctify
When it comes to contraception there are many different options to consider, one of which is the coil. A contraceptive coil is a small device which sits inside the

  • mindfulness

What are the Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness?

Written by Kate Potter for Doctify
Mindfulness. You may have heard it spoken of with reverence or disdain. Either way, it seems to be a polarising practice that has kept people talking. But what actually is

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HIIT Classes: The Benefits and Hidden Dangers

Written by Mr Amit Amin for Doctify
Barrecore, Barry’s Boot Camp, Soul Cycle, Frame – the list of trendy exercise classes on offer in London these days is seemingly endless. Among this myriad of Instagrammable fitness fads

  • hay fever

6 Top Tips for Handling Hay Fever this Spring

Written by Mr Samer Hamada for Doctify

As we head into the summer we’re looking forward to warmer days where we can spend time outside. However, if you suffer from hay fever this can be a