Question: Is Flavia still dancing?

What happened to Flavia from Strictly Come Dancing?

Former Strictly Come Dancing star Flavia Cacace, 41, has moved to a rural location on the south west coast of the country to start a new life with her actor husband and former Strictly partner Jimi Mistry, 48.

What are Flavia and Vincent doing now?

In 2019 Vincent is touring in the U.K. together with Ian Waite in The Ballroom boys whilst Flavia is developing her own Dance, health and fitness website which will launch later in the year.

Why did Vincent and Flavia break up?

The couple dated for three years but sadly split in 2010. Flavia said the breakup was amicable, telling the Sun: We have broken up. It was due to our work - travelling so much and being away from home so much.

Does Flavia have a child?

He later got together with his former dance partner and they became parents to the first Strictly baby - a daughter named Milena - in 2016. Professional dancer Flavia found love with her Strictly partner Jimi just weeks after announcing her split from her previous Strictly partner boyfriend Matt Di Angelo.

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