Question: What is Tinder auto like?

Tinder Auto Liker with smart swiping - Swiperino makes your swiping look more human-like as to avoid bans Custom Geographical location - Planning a trip to Sweden or Greece? Why not start matching ahead of time. This actually changes your location. So it will show that you are actually in whatever location you decide.

How do you use auto like swipe?

Search for Auto Like Swipe on the Google Play Store and install the app on your device.In Accessibility Services, turn on the **Auto Like Swipe** feature.Set the number of swipes on the Home Screen to the number of profiles that you want to automatically swipe right on Tinder.Open the Tinder app.Youre all set!

Is it true who likes you on tinder?

The only way someone will know if youve liked them on Tinder is if they like you too, then a match is made and the messaging function between the pair of you becomes active. So set your sights as high as you like - no-one will call you on it.

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