Question: How does matchmaking in War Thunder work?

The matchmaker takes the vehicle with the highest BR from the whole players setup or the BR of the single vehicle selected for battle and matches it to a game session based on such a vehicle.

How long is a match in War Thunder?

i am new in this game and i am surprised by how short the matches are, they are done in less than 10 minutes, specially if the only objective is to kill all the armored cars.

Does realistic battles give more RP?

In conclusion, while realistic does generally give out more points per round (calling this from experience, not the results), I was still able to exceed my realistic score in arcade in the same number of games in rapid succession and 60 percent faster.

What is the best country for tanks in War Thunder?

Germany is already one of the most desirable factions to pick in War Thunder thanks to its all-around great selection of tanks. Even in contemporary times, it also gave the world some impressive tanks, namely the Leopard 2K.

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