Question: What three cultures make up Cuban culture?

Cubas culture is a rich amalgam of African, Spanish, and Caribbean pastimes; the food, the religions, and of course the music and dances all combine elements of the Old World and the New. Here are 5 Cuban traditions that showcase this unique island and its wonderful people.

What cultures influenced Cuba?

The unique and vibrant culture of Cuba is influenced heavily by Latin American, European, African, and indigenous American cultures.

What are the top 3 ethnic groups in Cuba?

Cuba is composed of several ethnic groups and is home to people of different nationalities .Major Ethnic Groups In Cuba.RankEthnic GroupShare of Cuban Population1White (European Ancestry)64.1%2Mestizo or Mulatto (Mixed Ancestry)26.6%3Black (African Ancestry)9.3%23 Jul 2018

What are some of Cubas cultural traditions?

7 Traditions Only Cubans Can UnderstandSuperstitions. Christmas celebrations with no presents. Call your daughter, friends and family members gordita Fiesta of the Red and Blue. Help with the honeymoon by pinning money to a brides dress. Burn away bad experiences on New Years Eve. Baby names can be a minefield.2 Jan 2018

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