Question: Who is Rob Kardashian dating that has tattoos?

Adrienne Bailon opened up about tattooing Rob Kardashians name on her butt back when they were dating on The Real, and her reasoning for putting it on her booty is actually pretty surprising… and hilarious! “You guys know that I got Robs name tattooed on my butt, in the past, it was not the wisest,” said Adrienne.

Does Rob still have tattoo of Adrienne?

During that time, the Cheetah Girls actress got the reality TV stars name tattooed on her butt. In 2019, Adrienne shared the removal process with fans on social media — but is her ink completely gone? “It is. Its been gone for some time.

Did Rob Kardashian get rid of Adrienne tattoo?

Adrienne Bailon removes her Rob Kardashian tattoo Bailon revealed to Extra in 2014 that she had started the removal process, but she would have to undergo several treatments to get it fully taken off. It seems she eventually followed through with them, as she told In Touch Weekly in a March interview, “It is [gone].”

Does Rob Kardashian still love Adrienne?

Since splitting in 2009, Rob Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon have formed very separate lives, and are both seemingly happy since moving on. Kardashian and Bailon dated from from 2007 to 2009, and their relationship was broadcast to the masses on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Why did Kim and Reggie break up?

After dating for two years, Kardashian and Bush briefly broke up in 2009. At the time, sources revealed that the pair were focused on their respective careers and decided that it would best to spend some time as free agents. “They love each other a lot and hope someday they can make it work,” an insider told E! News.

What nationality is Adrienne from The Real?

American Adrienne Bailon/Nationality

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