Question: How is a Campagnolo rear derailleur date determined?

Some Campagnolo parts can be dated by codes or patent dates. For example, the Nuovo Record rear derailleur has a patent date that corresponds to its manufacturing date starting in 1970 (example PAT. 70); marked PATENT without a date before 1970. The lock nut on the hub axle typically is stamped with CAM.

What is campag C record?

The Campagnolo Corsa or C-Record group was introduced in 1984. It had some significant changes on derailleur and brakes within the first 3 years of production. The group was ready for 7/8sp index shifting or like Campagnolo called it: Synchro.

How are Shimano components dated?

Shimano components have a two letter date code, in the form XX, where X is a capital letter.

When was Campagnolo Chorus introduced?

1987 1987 The last year for production of Super Record. Chorus is introduced. The Chorus equipment performs as if it were on a stage singing in unison. -Campagnolos official introduction.

How do you date a Shimano?

Shimano use a simple 2-letter date code, printed on each component or on a sticker or label. Youll usually find this near the components serial code. The first letter indicates the year, the second stands for the month.

What do the letters mean on Shimano reels?

super shallow spool Letters and their meaning “SS” is “super shallow spool” or super small spool which is the smallest and lightest spool available. “C” in the beginning stands for “compact body” which means that everything except spool is one size smaller or more compact. For example “C3000” reel will have “2500” body but “3000” spool.

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