Question: What is the best time to go to Lake Havasu?

Fall, winter, and spring are an ideal time to hike park trails to view wildlife, birds, and other Colorado River beauty. A Lake Havasu City winter will typically show you warm days and cool nights.. perfect to enjoy a campfire in the campgrounds or within the cabin area!

Can you swim in Lake Havasu in December?

Is it warm enough to swim in Lake Havasu City in December? Average water temperature in Lake Havasu City in December is 54.9°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming. The warmest water in Lake Havasu City in December is 59°F, and the coldest is 48.2°F.

Is Lake Havasu part of the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon is a land of big lakes including Lake Mead, Lake Powell, and Lake Havasu.

Is Lake Havasu the hottest city?

The hottest temperature in Arizona was recorded in Havasu City. Lake Havasu City is a very hot city, even by Arizona standards; here, the highest temperature ever recorded in the state, 128°F (53°C), was set on June 29, 1994.

What is the coldest city in Arizona?

Flagstaff Coldest: Flagstaff, Arizona.

What is the hottest day ever in Arizona?

The current heat wave is expected to be at its most intense and most widespread through Saturday, threatening to surpass the highest temperatures ever recorded in Arizona (128 degrees Fahrenheit) and Nevada (125). The world record of 134 degrees — which is now questioned — was set in Death Valley in California in 1913.

What is the most affordable place to live in Arizona?

10 Most Affordable Places to Live in ArizonaOro Valley. One of the most attractive suburbs of Tucson, Oro Valley is a fast-growing community in the heart of the breathtaking Sonoran Desert. Gilbert. Ahwatukee Foothills. Flagstaff. Avondale. Chandler. Prescott. Coolidge.More items •5 Jan 2019

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