Question: Can a Sagittarius and Cancer relationship work?

Because both Cancer and Sagittarius zodiacs believe in spiritual union in the act of intimacy, there is no relationship issue that cant be solved by simply making love. And the love making is sure to ensure that both of them stay satisfied, emotionally and physically.

Are Sagittarius and Cancer good together?

Cancer and Sagittarius: Friendship Compatibility Cancer and Sagittarius are smart and witty, and laughter will bring them together, however, theres nothing else strong enough to keep them together. Cancers feelings might dominate the friendship, but Sagittarius attitude and ego will jump in to run the show.

Can a Sagittarius marry a Cancer?

Cancer and Sagittarius are two signs that arent normally drawn with one another. Since their signs are governed by the Moon and benevolent Jupiter, if desire and compassion are created between them, they will hardly have a relationship that is harmful to any of them.

Do cancers hate Sagittarius?

Cancer zodiac signs arent fond of Sagittarius, either. They love to go out and seek new experiences while Cancers rather stay in. But when Cancer zodiac signs are not willing to step out and seek new life adventures, then Sag will reject them. Rejection is the reason why Cancer zodiac signs hate Sagittarius.

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