Question: Is Adam Demos single?

Personal life. Demos is in a relationship with Sarah Shahi, who was his co-star on the Netflix show Sex/Life.

Are Adam and Sara together in real life?

Sarah Shahi and boyfriend Adam Demos fell in love after meeting on the set of Netflixs Sex/Life — and their real-life relationship is equally as steamy. The duo filmed the series together in the fall of 2020 in Canada, playing sexy former lovers who get caught in a love triangle.

Is Adam Demos married to Sarah Shahi?

Meet the man Sex/Lifes Sarah Shahi was married to before falling in love with Adam Demos. Lead actors from Sex/Life, Sarah Shahi and Adam Demos, have proven themselves to be complete couple goals in recent months.

Where is Adam Demos now?

Aussie actor Adam Demos will return to Australia to shoot a new film for Netflix after making waves with his breakout performance in the steamy drama Sex/Life.

How much is Adam Demos worth?

His Net Worth is $500 Thousand Luckily for Adam, his hard work has paid off because although he does not have a long list of television shows and films, he still got a lucrative pay. As of 2019, his net worth is $500,000.

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