Question: Who is the most famous salsa singer?

Who is the best salsa singer of all time?

Soneros: The Best Salsa SingersCelia Cruz.Oscar DLeon. Cheo Feliciano. Ruben Blades. Pete El Conde Rodriguez. Benny More. Tito Rodriguez. Tito Rodriguez had a wonderful voice for Bolero. Adalberto Santiago. This Puerto Rican singer owes much of his personal success to the time he spent with the legendary Ray Barreto. More items •May 13, 2017

Who are the famous singers in salsa?

7 Legendary Salsa Artists (Musicians)Arsenio Rodriguez. Arsenio Rodriquezs impressions run deep in latin music. Tito Puente. Tito Puente is best known for his compulsively danceable numbers in latin music. Machito and Mario Bauza. Tito Rodriguez. Rafael Ithier. Celia Cruz. Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon.Mar 28, 2019

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