Question: Who did Rock Lee marry?

Fandom. Who did Rock Lee marry? One answer, Azami. Azami is one of the daughters of Tsubaki (Councilor) and Iyashi, she has two sisters named Hibari and En.

Who is Rock Lees girlfriend?

Sakura Haruno LeeSaku (Japanese リーサク RiiSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Rock Lee and Sakura Haruno.

Why is Narutos rasengan yellow?

In one scene, the wind-chakra attack may be blue, but it may have turned yellow in another frame. As such, when Narutos chakra manifests itself into a ball like it does with the rasengan, it looks yellow.

Who killed Boruto Uzumaki?

4 Ao Was Defeated By Boruto Uzumaki & Killed By Kashin Koji.

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