Question: How do you ask a guy if hes seeing someone else?

To keep the conversation from starting off with an accusatory tone, ask if he or she is dating other people. You can say that casually, says Aaron. And then, if they say theyre seeing other people its totally appropriate to ask if that means theyre sleeping with other people.

How do you tell he is seeing someone else?

21 Signs Hes Seeing Someone ElseHe seems to have new commitments for no apparent reason. He tries to avoid certain places for outings. Your outings have become boring. A certain female “friend” seems to be in his life more often. He seems interested only in sex. He seems to be drifting further away.More items •Jun 14, 2021

What to do if you think your boyfriend is seeing someone else?

A gentle way is to say something like, “I love you so much and I have this crazy little fear that you might start seeing someone else, just like (name someone you both know, if possible).” This kind of response avoids a direct accusation, and their response to this statement might help you to clarify what is happening

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