Question: Does Sam have a crush on Spencer?

In iGet Pranky, Sam finally admits that she has a slight crush on Spencer. Spencer mentions it once again in iToe Fat Cakes, even though it has been awhile since Sam has mentioned her crush. In the finale of the show, iGoodbye, Spencer unexpectedly gives Sam a motorcycle they have spent the entire episode fixing.

How old is Spencer from iCarly?

Spencer ShayBornNovember 11, 1981 (age Template:Age)HometownSeattle, WashingtonResidesSeattle, WashingtonFamilyCarly Shay - Sister4 more rows

Is Spencer Shay crazy Steve?

Mind you that Carly was the same girl that acted as Megan in Drake and Josh and Spencer was the same person who acted as crazy Steve, the insane man working at the Premiere with serious anger issues in Drake and Josh.

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