Question: How do you date Worcester porcelain?

Dating Royal Worcester Marks from 1963 on From 1966 no date coding system was used, but on tableware the year the pattern was introduced is stated next to the pattern name. In 1974 the current format of factory stamp was adopted. The date included is the year of introduction of the design, not the date of manufacture.

When did Royal Worcester close?

14 June 2009 Fifteen porcelain painters left the Severn Street factory on Friday 29 September 2006, together with 100 other workers. The last trading date for Royal Worcester was 14 June 2009.

How can you tell if porcelain is expensive?

Look on the bottom of saucers, dishes and cups for hallmarks or monograms. Just because ceramic china dinnerware looks old, it doesnt mean that its valuable. Spider cracks in glaze coats can happen during the firing process and not just come from age, which makes spidering a questionable identification technique.

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