Question: What is the spark on tinder?

Idea (0) Sparks are interests you add to your profile to help people know what to talk to you about.

What is Tinder surge?

During a Swipe Surge, activity is up to 15x higher! And with that many more people active on Tinder, your match-making potential is increased by 250%, which means youll also spark up a new convo with someone 33% faster.

What does fire mean on Tinder?

In this case its talking about the dating app Tinder, so an ex tinder flame would be an old case you had with someone on tinder. See a translation. Gssantana.

How often is Tinder swipe surge?

A Swipe Surge can last anywhere from a couple minutes to a few hours or more – it all depends on the user activity levels. According to the popular dating app, youre 250% more likely to get Tinder matches during a Swipe Surge, and youll get into a Tinder conversation 33% faster.

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