Question: Does Ajay love Kajol?

Ajay is married to fellow Bollywood actor Kajol. They first met on the sets of Hulchul (1995), four years before they tied the knot. During an interview, Ajay confessed that it wasnt love at first sight for him. Instead, he disliked Kajol so much that he wasnt keen on meeting her again.

When did Ajay and Kajol fall in love?

Kajol used to take love advice from Ajay, who was dating another girl then. It was during the post-production stage of their film Gundaraj, the two started dating each other. It was two years after they got out of their respective relationships.

Who loves Ajay Devgan?

Kajols In the time and age of fleeting relationships, Ajay Devgn and Kajols love has stood the test of time for more than 20 years.

How old is Kajol and Ajay?

47 years (August 5, 1974) Kajol/Age

Did Kajol had crush on Akshay Kumar?

One such couple in Bollywood was Kajol and Akshay Kumar. Yes, you heard that right! Apparently, Kajol had a massive crush on Akshay Kumar before she met Ajay Devgn. He said, “All through the premiere, Kajol was looking for Akshay Kumar and I became her support.

Who is the crush of Kajol?

Akshay Kumar Akshay Kumar was all the rage in the 90s and he still continues to be the same. Although, when his debut film Saugandh released, along with a lot of fangirls, he also earned the privilege of being Bollywood actress Kajols biggest crush.

Who has a crush on Akshay Kumar?

Kajol He revealed that during the premiere of Rishi Kapoors 1991 film Henna, Kajol had a huge crush on Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Karan also revealed that the whole party both of them were searching for Akshay.

Does Ajay Devgan own a private jet?

Ajay Devgn: As per the reports, Ajay Devgn owns a Hawker 800 plane which is a six-seater private jet. The actor often travels for promotional events and shoots.

Are Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar friends?

Of the three, Mr Johar is famously very close to Shah Rukh Khan both personally and professionally; Amitabh Bachchan is, of course, is the elder statesman of the film industry; Akshay Kumar is connected to Mr Johar through his wife Twinkle Khanna, daughter of Dimple Kapadia and Rajesh Khanna and a childhood friend of

Are Kajol and Akshay Kumar friends?

Although she is not often seen hanging out with her friends from within the industry, she recently revealed that she is still close to Akshay Kumar, Karisma Kapoor and a few others. Speaking about the same in an interview with Filmfare, Kajol said, “I genuinely love them.

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