Question: Is Happn still popular?

Does anyone use Happn?

Although I personally say happn is completely safe to use, many have stressed their concerns on the dangers of users being able “to see where they have crossed paths with matches on a map as well as the number of times a potential match has been in the users vicinity.”

Where is Happn popular?

Dating app Happn allows users to see who theyve crossed paths with in real life. 2.2 million people use Happn in the UK. The 15 most popular people on Happn are largely from London — but Newcastle and Ascot also feature.

Which is better Happn or Tinder?

Happn uses geolocation technology to determine who you have crossed paths with. Just like Tinder, Happn allows you to send messages to others only if its a match (Happn calls it a crush). Happn makes it feel more personal than Tinder by telling you that you have been near this single person.

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