Question: Where are the singles in New York City?

The Lower East Side is one of the best places in NYC for singles. With so many galleries, restaurants, and bars, anyone living in the area can meet people around every corner. Locals love mingling with one another, keeping the bohemian spirit of the Lower East Side.

Where do single people live in New York?

Singles born out of state earn more, and often live in areas of Midtown and Lower Manhattan where the share of studios and 1-bedroom apartments is nearly double that of the outer boroughs.

Where can I get high in NYC?

Things Better Done Stoned in NYCWalk the High Line. Image via Complex Original. Stroll Through Central Park. Image via Complex Original. Go to a Beer Garden. Image via Complex Original. High Times Square. Image via Complex Original. Listen to Music-Anywhere. Guggenheim. Top Of The Rock. Syfy Movies With a View.More items •1 Aug 2013

Can you live on your own in NYC?

It turns out though, that it is possible to afford living alone in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City; you just have to live in the right neighborhood to do it. Using data from the ever-handy StreetEasy, DNAInfo has created a barometer about where New Yorkers can afford to live alone, based on their salaries.

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