Question: Did Ines and Sam have a relationship?

Discussing their illicit encounter, Sam has since revealed the alleged affair was completely fake. In fact, the 28-year-old Aussie claims the romance was staged by producers after they forced him into acting a certain way.

Did Sam and Ines sleep together?

Their raunchy night together was aired on E4 last month with the beauty filmed climbing into Sams bed during their secret affair. But when quizzed on the explicit scenes, Ines denied the pair enjoyed anything more than just a cuddle.

What happened with Ines and Sam?

Sam left Ines on the show when he bowed out of the competition. To make matters worse, when the show ended, Sam stood Ines up at the reunion show, and Ines was heartbroken.

Do Sam and Ines get together?

I wasnt expecting that because I thought I was done for. Sam and I started off camera. Ines and Sam were filmed passionately kissing in a bar after producers were made aware of their romance developing off camera, with the pair ending up in bed together after succumbing to their desires.

What happened to Sam and Ines on married at First Sight Australia?

During their time on MAFS Australia, Sam and Ines outraged fans when they had an affair on the show. Viewers watched the pair cheat on their partners and spend the night together in a Gold Coast hotel room. They eventually admitted to their infeditlity and left the show - but not with each other.

Are Elizabeth and Seb still together?

MARRIED at First Sight Australias Elizabeth Sobinoff has appeared to confirm that shes back together with her second hubby Seb Guilhaus. The couple announced in January that they were splitting after almost a year of dating. The MAFS beauty wrote: Just a crazy couple of kids

Did Cam and Jules still together 2020?

Jules and Cam now live together in a beautiful home in Sydney after their stint on Married at First Sight Australia. Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant have become everyones favourite Married At First Sight Australia couple.

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