Question: How do you tell someone to take it slow?

Call him up or better yet speak to him in person and let him know upfront that youre a bit hesitant about rushing into sex because of a recent relationship. He doesnt need to know the details about what happened, but just saying, I want to take it slow without any context is obviously not working.

How do you tell a guy you want to take it slow?

Share your reasons. Tell him exactly what it is about your relationship that makes you feel pressured to move too fast for comfort. Whether or not hes done something specific to make you feel this way, put the emphasis on your feelings, not his actions. Dont make him feel as though youre attacking him.

How do I take him slow?

Once youre both ready to take it slow, heres how to keep things interesting:Try new things together. Share something you love with your new partner. Ask these questions. Find creative ways to stay connected. Dont use texting as a crutch.6 Feb 2019

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