Question: Who is Amber Rose Husband?

Is Amber Rose married to Alexander?

How many children does Amber Rose have? Amber welcomed her first son Sebastian in 2013, when she was dating rapper Wiz Khalifa. The model, 35, then welcomed Slash in October 2020; he is her first child with 32-year-old boyfriend Alexander AE Edwards.

Who is Amber Rose currently married to?

Wiz Khalifam. 2013–2016 Amber Rose/Spouse Wiz Khalifa Marries Amber Rose If a tattoo and a son didnt make it official, this just did. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have long expressed their love for one another – they have a son together and Rose has a tattoo of Khalifa on her arm – but now the pair are officially married, his rep confirms to PEOPLE.

What happened to Wiz Khalifa and Amber?

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are still giving us relationship goals, even after their divorce! Despite some initial bad blood following their split in 2014, the ex-couple are currently on extremely friendly terms. “Wiz will always be my best friend, forever – were best friends,” Rose recently told PEOPLE.

Why did Wiz and Amber Rose get divorced?

Amber and Wiz married back in July of 2013 and she later filed for divorce in September of 2014 citing irreconcilable differences, just over a year and a half after Sebastian was born.

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