Question: What are the different types of Zildjian cymbals?

What is a dark cymbal?

Dark cymbals have a lower fundamental pitch and have a more brooding sound. These cymbals are more common in jazz or fusion music.

What is a trashy cymbal?

In western music, China-type cymbals are a distinct type of crash cymbals designed to produce a bright, crisp, and explosive tone. It is for this reason that they have been nicknamed trash cymbals. It is also frequently used for jazz fusion, Latin, and Brazilian music especially those with elaborate drum solos.

What cymbals are best for rock?

The Best Cymbals for RockZildjian A Cymbal Set. This Zildjian A cymbal set is a one-stop-shop for all your rock drumming needs. Sabian 21 inch HH Raw Bell. The Sabian 21” HH Raw Bell Dry ride is one of Sabians high-end ride cymbals. Zildjian 14 inch A New Beat. Meinl Cymbals 18 inch Byzance. Sabian 19 inch AA Holy.Jul 2, 2021

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