Question: What are Aries men attracted to?

The Aries man likes to play the hero and will rush to protect his partner or crush. But (straight) Aries men also want their feminine counterpart to hold their own, and even challenge them. They get up in your face and want you to do the same! They like to fight, argue, and tease.

Do Aries guys play mind games?

Aries love competition of any kind, and they want to win every game — especially mind games. If there was a gold medal for playing hard to get, Aries would win it every time. They are impulsive and like to take risks, even if they lose out on a potentially great relationship.

How do Aries control their anger?

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) The way Aries controls their temper is to get away from anyone or anything thats in their direct path. Aries needs to blow off that negative energy, so theyll likely go to the gym and workout or go for a run if thats their thing.

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