Question: Is Quack Quack is safe?

QuackQuack is best site and also safe. Dont think much, just start chatting and make new friends. May be you can find your better half too through this site. After seeing so many positive reviews, I thought of giving it a try.

Is Quack Quack real or fake? is an online dating and matchmaking platform service for singles. The company mission is to help Indian singles find other genuine singles through its apps. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Telangana, India.

Can we delete quack quack account?

Follow the steps as below: Login to Go to Settings and go to Account Settings and go to Manage Account. Click on Deactivate Account or Delete account and follow instructions.

Is QuackQuack paid?

QuackQuack is free of cost to register and use basic features. For the people who want to find someone in their life to go out with, they can simply opt for the paid subscription offer. With paid subscriptions, you can find a match instantly.

How is quack quack dating?

But quack quack is fake dating website it only earn from their users. When user go for free plan they show that you can date anybody here. But in some days they will give you a paid plan when you fully trap in this site. and your interst will go increasing and you purchase the paid plan. .

How do I send a message to quack quack?

Common FAQsLog in to your profile.Go to New and Online page.Click on Chat Now button beside a user you wish to chat with.A pop-up will appear. Write your message and send it.If the receiving user is interested, they will reply back to your message and you can start chatting.

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