Question: What happened to the guys from Big Time Rush?

In 2013, after the end of the run of the Big Time Rush television series, the group members continued touring until March 2014 and later put the band on an indefinite hiatus, and went on to pursue solo careers. Kendall Schmidt later reformed the band Heffron Drive with Dustin Belt In May 2013.

What happened to the actors in Big Time Rush?

Its been eight years since Big Time Rush ended, and 7 years since the band stopped performing. Kendall Schmidt returned to his old band after the show, and he continued to act and make music. James Maslow, Carlos PenaVega, and Logan Henderson pursued solo music careers after Big Time Rush.

Is Big Time Rush a true story?

No, Big Time Rush is not based on a true story. The musical comedy series is conceived by the producer, writer, and director, Scott Fellows. He has never claimed that the popular Nickelodeon show has any basis in real life. James Maslow, while talking to Variety, explained Scott Fellows approach to casting.

Why did Katelyn Tarver leave Big Time Rush?

She has the same middle name as her portrayer Katelyn Tarver in a similar manner to the BTR guys having the same first names as the person theyre portrayed by. The reason she left in Big Time Break-Up was because her actress Katelyn Tarver was going on tour.

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