Question: How many people live in Salt Lake City?

What is the population of Salt Lake City in 2020?

199,723 TablePopulationPopulation, Census, April 1, 2020199,723Population, Census, April 1, 2010186,440Age and SexPersons under 5 years, percent 6.2%54 more rows

What percentage of Utahs population lives in Salt Lake City?

6.75% Salt Lake has 6.75% of Utahs total population and 18% of Salt Lake Countys population. The city proper is more populated than the surrounding area with a population density of more than 1,689 people per square mile, or 1,050 per square kilometer.

Is Salt Lake City a large city?

Salt Lake City, the capital, retained its crown as Utahs largest city, adding more than 13,000 residents to reach a population just shy of 200,000, according to the 2020 census. West Valley City again finished second, with 140,230 residents.

How much of Utah is Mormon?

68.55% Utah, which has the highest Mormon population, has 5,229 congregations. About 68.55% of the states total population is Mormon.

Is it safe to swim in Salt lake?

Swimming in the Great Salt Lake is a very different experience. Even in the early summer, we found the water to be warm and pleasant. Even though the salt warms the water up, there are other drawbacks to salty water. Any cut, scrape or injury (even if you didnt know you had it) will sting in the salt water.

Is it expensive to live in Salt Lake City?

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – In a recent study done by Zumper, Salt Lake City was ranked 48th most expensive city to rent, but several other surrounding cities have higher rental prices. According to Zumper, Salt Lake Citys price of a one-bedroom unit was $1,070, while two bedrooms are $1,370.

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