Question: Where is Kaya FM located?

Kaya FM 95.9 is a commercial radio station that broadcasts from Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa.

Who Own Kaya FM?

New Africa Media Holdings Presently, it is a cash shell and has only one investment to consider – a 24,9% stake in the Kaya FM (Pty)(Ltd) (Kaya), held via its own wholly owned subsidiary, New Africa Media Holdings (Pty) (Ltd). Kaya owns a radio station known as Kaya FM.

Where is Jozi FM situated?

South Africa The studios are based at Khaya Centre in Dube, Soweto in South Africa and covers regions all across Soweto, Kagiso, Lenasia, Krugersdorp, Randfontein, Kempton Park, Germiston and Alberton. Jozi FM was first broadcast in 1999 and can claim a competitive audience of 564,000 (RAMS Nov 2009).

Who is the owner of Jozi FM?

Mr Mpho Mhlongo For The Princess is an initiative by the CEO of Jozi FM Mr Mpho Mhlongo under the CSI “Jozi FM Works Jozi FM Cares”.

Where is Metro FM located?

METRO FM is headquartered at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) in Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

How do I contact JOZi fm?

JOZi FMAddress. Ekhaya Centre, 2212 Mahalefele Drive, Dube.Phone. (011) 982-4134.@jozifm.Email.

How many community radio stations are in South Africa?

The country now has more than 165 community stations, broadcast in a number of languages with content as diverse as the country itself.

How do I advertise on Jozi FM?

It is easy to advertise on Jozi FM. Simply select a time slot (called a spot) of your choice, and we shall find you the best advertising price for that spot. We work with both big and small companies.

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