Question: Who did Carlos from BTR married?

Did Big Time Rush go to Carlos wedding?

Big Time Rush star Carlos Pena Jr. married actress Alexa Vega on Saturday in a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Pena, 24, is a member of the boy band formed from the Nickelodeon TV show, Big Time Rush.

Are Alexa and Carlos PenaVega married in real life?

In August 2013, Vega became engaged to former Big Time Rush actor and singer Carlos Pena Jr., whom she had been dating since late 2012. The couple married on January 4, 2014, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, taking PenaVega as their married name.

Do Edie and Carlos have babies?

Edies son, Travers, is introduced for the first time, having been dropped off by his father for a month-long visit. Carlos Solis develops a fondness for Travers, which Edie uses to her advantage.

Who is Carlos from Big Time Rush dating?

star Alexa Vega Wedding bells will soon be ringing for Big Time Rushs Carlos Pena and his fiancée, Spy Kids star Alexa Vega. The happy couple, who have been dating since last year, announced their engagement via Twitter last week, with Vega proudly showing off her stunning engagement ring.

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