Question: When did Canon stop putting serial numbers on lenses?

Traditionally, we used the date code to determine the age of a Canon lens. However, starting in 2008 with the Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens, Canon has transitioned away from date code inclusion and to a longer 10-digit lens serial number.

Where is serial number on Canon box?

The serial number will normally be printed on a sticker and is most often located on the bottom of the camcorder or underneath the battery. You can also find your serial number printed on a white sticker on the side of the box your Camcorder came in.

Should I buy GREY import?

Should you buy a grey import? The short answer is: it depends. Generally buying a new car is less risky, than a used one. If the Grey Import is already within the UK then the costs are much more clear-cut: you wont need to worry about import fees or paying VAT.

Why are GREY imports bad?

There are however some downsides. Normally grey imports dont benefit from the manufacturers warranty, meaning that if something is wrong with your camera you will not be entitled to ask the manufacturer for a repair or replacement [Please note that is true only for brand new cameras and lenses.

Are gray market goods illegal?

A gray market is an unofficial market for financial securities. The gray market is an unofficial one but is not illegal. The term “gray market” also refers to the import and sale of goods by unauthorized dealers; in this instance as well, such activity is unofficial but not illegal.

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