Question: Who is Lily yakuza4?

Yasuko Saejima (冴島 靖子, Saejima Yasuko) is a supporting character in Yakuza 4. She introduces herself to Shun Akiyama as Lily. She is solely motivated by her desire to reunite with her incarcerated step-brother, Taiga Saejima.

Is Saejima stronger than Kiryu?

They drew both times they fought in y4 and y5, and the first time was after Saejima was injured and exhausted reaching Okinawa. i think that Saejima is physically stronger in terms of raw strength, but Kiryu is faster, has better technique and is more durable Kiryu and his metal state its incredible.

How did Majima lose his eye?

He is missing his left eye, which was gouged out for insubordination in 1985. His eyelid appears to still be intact, presumably due to Majima keeping his eye open when it was stabbed.

What happened shinada yakuza?

Tatsuo Shinada (品田 辰雄, Shinada Tatsuo) is one of the five main protagonists in Yakuza 5. He is a former player for the Nagoya Wyverns and currently works as an adult entertainment writer.

Where is the underground theater in Yakuza 4?

Face the coin lockers (as if you want to open one). Go right. You will eventually see an escalator. Go down that, and you will be in theater underground.

Is Judgement Canon to Yakuza?

The game was developed and published by SEGA as a spin-off to the Yakuza series. On May 7th 2021, the games sequel named Lost Judgment was announced for a worldwide release in September 2021.

What happened to Akiyama?

In one final act of vengeance, Munakata shoots Akiyama, who is saved by his very last stack of money hidden away in his breast pocket.

Where are the batteries in Yakuza 4?

You get the powder from Ken, you just need to get a battery from somewhere (just an ordinary battery, not a super charged one). You can buy them from M Store on West Shichifuku if Im not mistaken.

Is Judgement part of the Yakuza universe?

No, JUDGMENT is a standalone title set in the Yakuza universe. While the Tojo Clan play a part, its nothing major and doesnt spoil older games.

Is Judgement the Yakuza universe?

Both Judgment and Yakuza happen in the same fictional district. Kamurocho is the region where players spend most of their time in both games. The region is based on the entertainment and red-light district of Tokyo named Kabukicho. There are new NPCs to interact with and quests to be found in every new game.

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