Question: Who is Samantha first boyfriend?

Who was Samanthas first boyfriend?

Baby fame actress Samantha, Bommarillu fame actor Siddharth reportedly dated for a few years. But their relationship went kaput, and they had a bitter breakup. Later, Samantha moved on in life and got married to Tollywood star Akkineni Naga Chaitanya, and she found love in an arranged marriage with him.

Who was the boyfriend of Samantha?

Samantha Akkineni Height, Weight, Age, Husband, Family, Biography & MoreBioMarital StatusMarriedAffairs/BoyfriendsSiddharth (2013-2015) Naga Chaitanya (2015-present)Husband/SpouseNaga Chaitanya (Actor, m. 2017 - present)Marriage Date6 October 201735 more rows

Who did Samantha akkineni date?

Baby and for her only 2020 film, Jaanu .Samantha AkkineniAlma materStella Maris College, ChennaiOccupationActressWorksFull listSpouse(s)Naga Chaitanya โ€‹ ( m. 2017)โ€‹6 more rows

Who is Siddharth wife?

Meghna Narayanm. 2003โ€“2007 Siddharth/Wife

Who did Samantha Akkineni marry?

Naga Chaitanyam. 2017 Samantha Akkineni/Spouse

Is Siddharth a womanizer?

Actor Siddharth is definitely the chocolate boy of Tamil cinema. He is popular for his lover boy roles in films across India and has come a long way. Well, let us take a lot at the top three popular affairs of the actor. Friends of all his girlfriends have told them that Sid is a womaniser.

Is Siddharth suryanarayan divorced?

Siddharth married Meghna in November 2003, after the pair had fallen in love growing up in the same neighbourhood in New Delhi. However, by early 2006, the pair were living separately, and later divorced in January 2007.

Why did Siddharth and Shruti Haasan break up?

It is said that the couple broke up after Siddharth had an argument with Soha. Within a couple of months after breaking up with Soha, there were enough rumours churning out that he fell in love with Shruti Haasan. They both made Oh My Friend together in Telugu. Shruti is head over heels in love.

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