Question: What percentage of gastric bypass patients regain weight?

Conclusion: Weight regain was observed within 24 months after surgery in approximately 50% of patients.

Do gastric bypass patients regain weight?

Gastric bypass surgery can be an effective treatment for obesity, and most people do lose weight after the procedure if they are adequately prepared for the changes that are necessary. But youll always be at risk of regaining weight, even years later.

What is the failure rate of gastric bypass?

Failure after bariatric surgery is defined as achieving or maintaining less than 50% of excess weight loss (EWL) over 18 to 24 months or a body mass index (BMI) of greater than 35. The failure rate of LRYGB has been reported to be ∼15% with a long-term failure rate of 20–35% and a revision rate of 4.5%.

What causes weight regain after bariatric surgery?

Dietary intake. Dietary “indiscretion” is the most common cause of weight regain following bariatric surgery. Between 12 to 16 months postoperative, patients often change from eating 2 to 3 structured meals per day to more of a “grazing” pattern.

How do I know if I need a gastric bypass revision?

Generally, Patients looks for a revision for these two reasons: They dont see sufficient weight loss results and also experiencing significant weight regain. They experienced medical complications after the surgery.

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