Question: What was Fred Bears favorite bow?

Im still having a great time.โ€ Shortly thereafter, in 1942, Bear produced his first hunting movie as a move to further promote the sport of archery. The next year Bear began experimenting with what would later become his favorite and most popular bow model โ€“ the take-down.

What kind of bow did Fred Bear hunt with?

From the books Ive read, Fred always shot about 65# with 9gpp. 45# would probably do the job but I doubt he shot that low poundage for hunting. Fred always shot 65 pounds. a 45 lb recurve will kill any North american game.

Who is the greatest bow hunter?

Some of Americas best-known figures are hunters: Daniel Boone, Theodore Roosevelt and even Jack Nicklaus. Likewise, the bowhunting world has a few celebrities of its own โ€“ people who are famous for their hunting prowess, knowledge and entertainment value.

What poundage does Fred Eichler shoot?

Fred shoots a Palmer recurve 54 lbs at a 31 draw. He took it up to 59 for his Grizzly hunt.

Whats a good draw weight for a recurve bow?

Choose a recurve bow which has a draw weight of 40 pounds minimum. Now, you can hunt perfectly well for smaller game like turkey and rabbit with a 35 or even 30 lbs. bow, but for anything larger than that (deer, elk) youll need 40 lbs. or more. So while you might not be able to handle more than 30 lbs.

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