Question: What is the point of Bond touch bracelets?

Bond Touch gives couples the ability to feel physically connected from almost any corner of the globe, thanks to the wonders of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and smartphones. This modern answer to an age-old relationship problem uses technology and innovation to — you guessed it — touch your partner from afar.

Do Bond touch bracelets really work?

Amazing product. Me and my girlfriend love these, and it really makes us feel closer. We live 8 hours apart, and whenever I feel the little buzz from this bracelet it makes her feel just that much closer. Its an amazing product, and really does make us feel closer.

How far away can bond touch bracelets work?

10 ft Your bracelet and smartphone are connected through Bluetooth® LE technology and should stand a range of up to 10 ft (3m).

How do bond bracelets work?

How does the Bond bracelets work? To send a touch you simply touch your own bracelet. If your partner is wearing their bracelet, they will receive your touch as a vibration. The vibration when the touch is sent is designed to simulate a tactile sensation.

Do Bond touch bracelets track you?

No. That means, if you lose the bracelet you will not be able to track its location. You can, however, enable Location Services on the app, which will allow you to share your location with your partner. To enable Location Services: go on Bond Touch App > My Profile > Location Based Services.

Does Bond Touch need Wi-Fi?

Oh yes. For your Bond Touch modules to stay connected, a smartphone is absolutely necessary to run the Bond Touch app. It needs to have bluetooth connectivity and to be connected to the internet via WiFi or mobile data.

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