Question: How do I contact a blind date?

How do you ask for a blind date?

We asked Laura for some tips about what to ask your blind date so you both have a great evening .Here are some easy conversation starters that can reveal a lot.How did you choose this place? Tell me about your friends. What do you like to do on weekends? Where is home?Aug 13, 2018

Is blind date Safe?

Weve all heard about peoples food or drink being drugged or tampered with while on a date. Dont leave anything up to chance and make sure you control your food and drink the entire time. Its a good idea to limit alcohol consumption during a blind date so you can stay alert and safe.

How do you stay safe on a blind date?

Keep your blind date experiences fun but also safe by following these 10 safety tips.1 – Tell a Friend. 2 – Do Your Homework. 3 – Take Your Own Transportation. 4 – Meet in a Public Place. 5 – Dont Leave Your Food or Drink Unattended. 6 – Dont Give Out Your Personal Information Too Early. 7 – Meet During the Day.More items •Feb 1, 2018

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