Question: What happened to Kelly Rowland mother?

The singer announced in a statement that Doris Rowland Garrison died Tuesday in Atlanta at age 66 – days before her birthday on Saturday. “It is with deep sadness that I announce the passing of my mother, Doris Rowland Garrison,” said the former Destinys Child member, who recently became a mom herself.

Who is Kelly Rowland real mother?

Doris Rowland Garrison Kelly Rowland/Mothers She is the daughter of Doris Rowland Garrison (December 6, 1947 – December 2, 2014) and Christopher Lovett. Kelly has an older brother named Orlando. When Rowland was six, her mother left her father, who was an abusive alcoholic and suffered PTSD from serving in the Vietnam War, and Rowland went with her.

Who is Kelly Rowlands parents?

Christopher Lovett Doris Rowland Garrison Kelly Rowland/Parents Kelly Rowland was born Kelendria Trene Rowland on February 11, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia, to Doris Rowland Garrison and Christopher Lovett.

Did Tina Knowles adopt Kelly?

And this is Kelly Rowland, Beyoncés fellow Destinys Child member and adopted member of the Knowles clan. Kelly started living with the family at age 11.

What does Tim Witherspoon do for a living?

Professional Boxer Tim Witherspoon/Professions

Who is Kellys baby daddy?

The singer and her husband, manager, Tim Weatherspoon, are already parents to Titan Jewell Weatherspoon, born in November 2014. “We had been talking about [having another child] loosely, and then Covid happened, and we were just like, Lets see what happens, the 39-year-old told the publication.

Is Kelly Rowlands hair real?

Singer Kelly Rowland posted a photo of her natural hair without any weave or extensions, and its perfection!

What is Kelly Rowlands baby name?

Titan Jewell Weatherspoon Noah Jon Weatherspoon Kelly Rowland/Children

Does Kelly Rowland wear a weave?

Singer Kelly Rowland posted a photo of her natural hair without any weave or extensions, and its perfection!

Does Kelly Rowland dreadlocks?

Through all her hair transformations, the biggest lesson Rowland has learned is “no one dictates who you are. “Ive changed up my hair so much already,” she says. “I had dreads, I had this long, curly, wavy wig situation, but I didnt like it,” she adds with a laugh.

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