December Health News

Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

Welcome to my round up of the latest health research and news. This month I’m bringing you some good news about dementia, a paracetamol mythbuster, a puzzling finding about

Health tech innovators changing the world in 2015

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Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

Here at the Doctify Journal it’s our new year’s resolution to bring you the most interesting and relevant health news and features directly from the experts. You

  • first baby test

My First Baby: Reflecting on Five Months of Pregnancy

Written by Mrs Josie Elles for Doctify

It’s 6am on Saturday the 25th of July 2015. My eyes are barely open and I head to the bathroom to find out if I can drink prosecco at

  • reflux

Irritable Baby? It Could be an Allergy or Reflux

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Written by Dr Neil Shah for Doctify

The symptoms for both cow’s milk allergy and reflux are quite hard to spot in newborns as they affect the gut. The symptoms can easily be confused

  • Morning Sickness

8 Ways to Beat Morning Sickness

Written by Gurminder for Doctify
Many pregnant women feel sick or nauseous during early pregnancy. In most cases, the symptoms are mild you won’t need to seek any further treatment. In more severe cases, however, an