Ask the expert: 5 questions about back pain

“Why do I have back pain?” 

Low back pain is an extremely common problem. So common that it is normal to get some back pain from time to time. Most of the time it is caused by muscular spasms due to

  • drinking water before meals

Can drinking water before meals make you eat less?

We all know it’s important to drink water to stay hydrated and healthy. However drinking water before meals may be a great way of controlling food intake and feeling fuller quicker. We had a look at

How is air pollution in London affecting our health?

The Guardian recently shared an article on “How air pollution affects your health”.

Health conditions such as suppressed lung growth in children, asthma, heart disease and the onset of type 2 diabetes have been linked to

How to eat healthy in the summer

We’ve just passed this years half way mark and that New Year’s resolution you made back in January to eat healthier has long been forgotten. However, it’s not too late, summer is a great time

July Health News

With the summer holidays here, my aim is to find plenty of time to do nothing. But even when I get the chance to, I usually end up doing something. I see the same in