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Is Pokemon Go tackling mental health problems?

The immensely popular game Pokemon go has been reported by NetDoctor to bring additional health benefits to a normally sedentary gaming culture.  Players of the game go out of their way to increase their time

5 Health benefits of Ginger

Native to south eastern Asia, Ginger has long since been prized for its culinary and medicinal properties. Modern research has found that ginger has a variety of different properties that can lead to the following

Eating habits during pregnancy

A healthy and balanced diet is important for everyone to maintain at all times but for pregnant and breastfeeding women what is being consumed also affects the baby, probably more significantly than initially thought. There

Finding excuses not to exercise? We’ll get you back on track!

Written by Mr Nick Cowan for Doctify

What’s holding you back from exercising? Have you injured your back, shin, knee or wrist? Or are you keeping away from the weights for fear of getting too bulky?

Olympics and doping

With the Olympics underway, the controversy surrounding doping is on the forefront of the Doctify team’s mind. Aside from the legality around doping, have you ever wondered what doping means? How does it make an

August Health News

This month’s news features an exclusive story on a seven year old piece of research. There’s also some exciting news about hot meals and bad news for office workers.

Another death at the office

Your desk job

Ask the expert: Anti-ageing skincare

How important is cleansing in the anti-ageing skin care routine? What sorts of cleansers (e.g. wash? Oil? Milk?) are best for those concerned with skin ageing and what sorts of ingredients should we look for

Are you worried about infertility?

It is no wonder we’re so easily panicked about infertility with the fearful narrative and stigmatism that comes from being ‘labelled’ infertile. A new survey published in the Oxford Journal of Reproduction has shown that

Ask the expert: Guide to rosacea

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a long term skin condition associated with facial redness and flushing. It often appears in the thirties and tends to occur more frequently in those with fair skin. Although it is

4 Olympic events to try at home

Summer 2016 spells the beginning of the Rio Olympics and the whole world is getting ready to spend just over two weeks absolutely sports mad.  With that in mind, here at Doctify we have produced