• endometriosis

Endometriosis or Just a Painful Period?

Written by Mr Jayanta Chatterjee for Doctify
Painful periods are something many women suffer through every month. Whether you find relief from ibuprofen or yoga, applied heat or the coil, the pain can be a life-disrupting burden.


  • liver

Is your Liver Suffering after the Weekend? Watch our Video for Healthy Liver Tips

Video starring Dr Yiannis Kallis for Doctify
This May we had, not one, but two long weekends. The British Bank Holiday, despite its inevitably dodgy weather, has a long tradition of lengthy pub sessions and Pimm’s in

  • sore back

What does your sore back say about you?

Written by Mr Imran Liaquat for Doctify
Of all the everyday health complaints we suffer from, a sore back is probably one of the most common. But what causes this pain? And do different types of

  • tech-induced aches

8 Tips to Avoid Tech-induced Aches and Pains

Written by Mr Ross Tomkins for Doctify
You’ve heard of tennis elbow, you may even have heard of dancer’s hip, but have you heard of text neck? Even if you haven’t, you may still be suffering

  • Manchester Terror Attack

A Psychologist’s Advice on Dealing with Trauma

Written by Dr Brock Chisholm for Doctify.
The tragedy that occurred at Manchester Arena on Monday evening is one that has rocked, not only the UK, but the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with the

  • haemorrhoids

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Haemorrhoids (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Written by Mr Manoj Sen for Doctify
They may not be something we talk about very often, but haemorrhoids happen. Sitting on the problem (no pun intended) won’t help, especially if they are severe. Being aware of how to

  • hair transplant

6 Things you Should Know Before getting a Hair Transplant

Written by Dr Mark Tam for Doctify
According to the NHS, around 50% of all men will experience male pattern baldness by the age of fifty. Many men look great bald but for those worrying about receding

  • ovulation pain

What causes Ovulation Pain and How do you Treat It?

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify
Menstrual cramps are bad enough but some women are actually suffering twice a month. Ovulation pain which, fun fact, is also known as Mittelschmerz (a German word literally meaning ‘middle

  • posture

5 Anti-Ageing Posture Tips to Roll Back the Years

Written by Miss Gugan Hair for Doctify
Face creams, botox injections, fad diets – there’s not much we won’t try to keep ourselves looking young. There’s not much we won’t spend either, for that matter. As

  • homeopathy

Homeopathy: Demystifying this Natural Therapy

Written by Mr Andrew Ward for Doctify
Homeopathy is one of those practices that truly needs to be understood to be appreciated. Some may think of it as a blanket term for all alternative or complementary therapy,