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10 Top Tips to Stop You Catching Cold and Flu this Winter

Written by Doctify
You can catch the flu all year round but it’s more likely to happen during autumn and winter. This is why people may refer to your symptoms as a “seasonal flu”.

Flu symptoms are stronger

  • flying

Scared of Flying? Here are a Psychologist’s Tips to Help You

Written by Dr Nick Mooney for Doctify
What is more fun than heading off on a holiday? Whether you prefer soaking up the sun or swooshing down the slopes, getting away from it all is not

  • carpal tunnel

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and How Do you Treat It?

Written by Mr Lehel Balint for Doctify
You’ve probably heard of this syndrome. Carpal tunnel is relatively common and can cause sufferers a great deal of pain. Many people put theirs down to repetitive movements but

  • porridge recipe

The Ultimate Porridge Recipe to up your Breakfast Game

Written by Mrs Josie Elles for Doctify
Knitwear at the ready: it’s getting cold, folks. Or, colder, I should say. This is England after all. With temperatures dipping and days getting shorter, its getting increasingly difficult

  • winter skincare

10 Top Winter Skin Care Tips from a Dermatologist

Written by Dr Anjali Mahto for Doctify
OK guys, it’s officially cold. It may only be September but we’re already breaking out our beanies and upping our scarf game. But our fashion choices aren’t the only

  • burnout

Is your Work Causing you to Suffer from Burnout?

Written by Dr Lisa Alfrey for Doctify
Its the end of the week. You’re excited for the weekend but half of you just wants to crawl under the covers and never come out again. Or perhaps

  • mental health

How to Find the Right Mental Health Specialist for You

The conversation around mental health is slowly improving. There definitely is less stigma and more understanding surrounding psychological issues but seeking help can still be a difficult step.

Convenience is important; your treatment should slot into

  • Lady Gaga has fibromyalgia

Lady Gaga has Fibromyalgia: Find out About the Chronic Condition Here

Written by Dr Rajiv Malhotra for Doctify
When your condition is invisible, its often hard to convince people of its impact on your life – or, in some cases, that it even exists. One such invisible

  • morning sickness

Kate Middleton Risks Worse Morning Sickness with Third Baby

Featuring Mr Mahantesh Karoshi for Doctify
If you’ve been anywhere near the internet/a newspaper/all the social media channels, you’ll know that Kate Middleton is pregnant. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is already mother to Prince George

  • anxiety tube map

TFL’s Anxiety Tube Map Helps Sufferers to Navigate London

Written by Catherine Hales for Doctify
Travelling to work on the Tube every day can be a nuisance. But for those who suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia, the journey can be almost unbearable. Luckily, the folks