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Doctify: What We Do For You and How We Do It

At Doctify, we help you to book healthcare appointments and treatments online. You can search by location, specialty and insurance provider – plus, our verified reviews and peer recommendations ensure you find exactly what you’re

  • stop snoring

Why you Should See a Dentist to Help Stop Snoring

Written by Devonshire Place Dental Practice for Doctify
Snoring. Comical? Sometimes. Annoying? Always. This common nighttime occurrence can prevent sleep, both in the snorer and their partner. So, who should you go and see to fix

  • insomnia

Are you Sleeping Enough? How Insomnia can Affect your Overall Health

Written by Dr Ralph Rodgers for Doctify
Sleep is just as important to your health and wellbeing as good nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

It’s far too easy to stay awake at night watching TV or surfing

  • vagina

Women’s Health: Do You Say the Word Vagina Enough?

Written by Mr Nicholas Morris for Doctify
It’s not a conversation you have every day – but how do you feel about your vagina? If you’re already blushing or squirming, you’re not alone. New research, released

  • weight loss

A Nutritionist’s Top Tips for Sustained Weight Loss

Written by Mr Filip Koidis for Doctify
Starting a new diet, full of optimism and resolutions, only to crash and burn two weeks later – we’ve all been there. As you slowly regain consciousness and take in

  • narcolepsy

6 Things You Never Knew About Narcolepsy

Written by Dr Sofia Eriksson for Doctify
When people have narcolepsy in the movies, they tend to fall asleep immediately, no matter what they’re doing. It’s often played for comedy as sufferers instantly pass out mid-conversation.


  • clear aligners

Braces Don’t Have to be Ugly: How Clear Aligners can Transform Your Smile

Written by Dr Pradeep Sharma for Doctify
Your smile has a great impact on how other people perceive you and having them straightened can help improve your own self-esteem. But having ugly wires on your teeth

  • sleepwalk

What Actually Happens When We Sleepwalk?

Written by Dr Sofia Eriksson for Doctify
We all know the old saying: “Never wake a sleepwalker!” But why not? And what actually is sleepwalking in the first place?

Here to answer that and other sleepwalking-related queries

  • Sleep disorder

How to Find the Right Specialist to Help with Your Sleep Disorder

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are huge. Studies suggest that getting enough sleep can aid productivity, help with junk food cravings and even prevent Alzheimer’s. Losing sleep, for whatever reason, means that we

  • HPV

Why Should I Vaccinate My Daughter Against HPV?

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify

HPV is relatively common, affecting 1 in 10 women at some stage in their lives and many women live with it without ever knowing they’ve had it as their