• what is mini gastric bypass surgery

What is Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery? Find Out Here

Written by Mr Ali Alhamdani for Doctify

Weight loss surgery is an effective treatment for people who are dangerously obese. In this article, I will illustrate the reasons behind this.

So, what is mini gastric bypass surgery?


  • tips for beating insomnia

Top Tips for Beating Insomnia and Taming Sleep Anxiety

This article was written by Anxiety Expert Chloe Brotheridge and first appeared in Good Zing: the one-stop shop for finding (*and sharing) all the best health tips and tricks for your everyday issues.

Most of us suffer from a degree of anxiety

  • teeth whitening

Everything you ever Wanted to Know about Teeth Whitening

Written by Dr Pradeep Sharma for Doctify
A smile. Easily given, gratefully received. One can transform your face. It makes sense then, to care for that smile the same way you do your hair or your

  • binge watching

Is Binge Watching TV Harming our Mental Health and Ruining our Sleep?

Written for Doctify

Have you finished watching Mindhunter yet? How about Stranger Things? And then there’s The Sinner, Big Mouth and countless other shows on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. With the rise of

  • hair transplant

Men’s Health Month: A Guide to Hair Transplant Aftercare

Written by Dr Mark Tam for Doctify
So, you’re thinking of getting a hair transplant. But how soon will you be able to go back to work? Can you still dye your hair? Will you have

  • men's health

How to Find the Right Specialist for Men’s Health

There are several articles detailing why men hate going to the doctor. John Chisholm, Chair of the British Medical Association’s Ethics Committee, says that “There is a cultural understanding that all men should be macho. But we

  • prostate

Men’s Health Month: Everything you Need to Know about your Prostate

Written by Dr Martin Saweirs for Doctify

Every man is born with one. And if men lived until the age of 120, it would cause every single man in the world problems. We’re talking about the

  • man-o-pause

Men’s Health Month: Are you Experiencing the Man-o-pause?

Written by Dr Tim Lebens for Doctify

Adolescent behaviour is often put down to ‘too much testosterone’. Acne too. But what happens later in life if you don’t have enough? Dr Tim Lebens, a private GP

  • smear test

What does an Abnormal Smear Test Result Mean?

Written by Miss Sanjay Kumari for Doctify 
A smear test is often something that gets put off or avoided. But for women over 25, it’s a must. However, getting the test is the easy part –

  • exercise medicine

So, what exactly is Sport and Exercise Medicine?

Written by Dr Philippa Bennett for Doctify
Most people have heard of physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons – but did you know there was a branch of medicine fully dedicated to sport and exercise? Here to tell