• richard sheridan

Mr Richard Sheridan: first CQC Accredited Obstetrician to Practice outside Central London

Written by Mr Richard Sheridan for Doctify
Making sure an expecting mother is taken care of during pregnancy is one of the fundamental responsibilities of her doctor. However, there are other elements other than the quality

  • early pregnancy

What should I look out for during Early Pregnancy?

Written by Mr Richard Sheridan for Doctify
Pregnancy is a miraculous thing. It can also be terrifying, especially if it’s your first. What is normal? When should I be worried? Am I doing this right? These

  • flu symptoms

The Doctify Flu Symptoms Checklist and Vaccine Guide

Written by Dr Lisa Anderson for Doctify
With reports flying around about deadly cases of Aussie Flu and, this week, something called Japanese Flu, it can be easy to fall into panic mode. We here at

  • audiologist

Do you know what an Audiologist actually does?

Written by Mr Dylan Walker for Doctify
Most people take their hearing for granted. That is, until they lose it.

There are approximately 10 million individuals living with varying degrees of hearing impairment in the UK. That

  • healthy smile

Doctify for Dentistry: Ten Top Tips for a Healthy Smile in 2018

Written by Dr Pradeep Sharma for Doctify
When you were younger, you were told a few basic things about maintaining a healthy smile. Brush twice a day and not too many sweets, we were told. As

  • neck lumps

Found a Neck Lump? Here is what you should do

Written by Mr Paul Stimpson for Doctify
Finding a lump anywhere can be scary, which is why the more information you have the better. Neck lumps can be the result of several things.

Here to tell us

  • nerve pain

Can Chilli Peppers really help to Cure Nerve Pain?

Written by Dr Mohjir Baloch for Doctify
For anyone sensitive to spicy foods, chillies might represent pain rather than pain relief. However, the very thing that causes that burning sensation can actually have healing properties.

Pain management

  • toe deformities

Foot Facts: How Toe Deformities can be Recognised and Treated

Written by Mr Neal Jacobs for Doctify
They may be some of the smallest appendages we have but that doesn’t mean they can’t affect our wellbeing. Toe deformities like bunions or hammer toes can be debilitating, which

  • new year's resolutions

The Psychology Behind Making (and Breaking) New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Dr Kate Potter for Doctify
Making new year’s resolutions is easy. Keeping them is another matter. The idea that the clock strikes midnight on 31st December and we all wake up as brand new

  • health

Are your Health and your Sense of Style Connected?

Written by Miss Ghazaleh Rahimi Khoub for Doctify
“Style is a state of mind. A confidence in your own beauty and vision.”

– Tamara Ralph

Feeling good is the new looking good. Our wellness depends on our connection